Exploring the Various Applications of Solenoids

When the relationship between magnetism and electricity was established many years ago, a multitude of practical applications were derived from this working principle. Solenoids are one of those applications. In simple terms, a solenoid is a long coil of wire that can be used to generate a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. The strength of the magnetic field can be made even stronger when an iron core is added to the middle of the solenoid.

Raise Your Guard: The Benefits Of Replacing Your Conventional Steel Conveyor Guards With Plastic Guards

Whether you use conveyor belts in a factory, the floor of a vehicle assembly line, the dark pits of a gold mine or to speed up your crop farming operations, both you and your employees will already be well aware of how dangerous these seemingly innocuous machines can be. With powerful motors and a a huge amount of moving parts, a conveyor belt can do severe damage to anything that gets caught in it, be it a piece of clothing or an extremely poorly positioned hand.

Industrial Steel Pipes: Three Crucial Tips for Preventing Rusting

Steel pipes are beneficial in industrial setups because they have exceptional mechanical strength and stability. Therefore, if you install these tubes in your building, you will enjoy prolonged service, and the risk of structural damage will be low. Unfortunately, steel pipes will rust when the iron content in the material comes in contact with oxygen and atmospheric moisture or water. This form of corrosion will cause the premature failure of the pipes.

Features to Look For In a New Commercial Air Conditioner

When shopping for a new commercial air conditioning unit for your facility, you may see that these units have more features and options than you expected. This is good, as it means you're sure to find something that works for your building's or office's needs in particular, but it can also make shopping for such a unit a bit overwhelming. You don't want to overspend on air conditioning features that you might not use regularly, but you also want to ensure you find a unit that offers all the options you need for cooling your space.

3 Services That Your HVAC Technician Must Provide

For facility managers (FM), keeping an air-conditioning system efficient is a critical part of the job since it helps to bring down the cost of running the facility. Australian businesses are spending thousands of dollars on energy costs. As a facility manager, hiring a qualified technician is one way of ensuring that an HVAC system functions efficiently. However, a technician should be able to execute some fundamental roles to achieve operational efficiency of the HVAC system.