Buying Used Farm Equipment

Advances in technology mean that farm equipment has come a long way since it's beginning in both organic and non-organic farming. It allows agricultural work to be carried out in a fraction of the time with reduced labour costs as well. This farm equipment, although highly convenient, is expensive to purchase and can cost thousands of dollars. Those starting out in the farming industry or are looking to cut costs can obtain the same farm equipment at much lower prices when they purchase used products. 

Here are the most common types of used farm equipment purchased:

Tractors — Tractors are an essential part of any farm and are used to perform a number of tasks, including planting seeds and tilling the ground. In addition to this tractors are also an integral part of taking care of day-to-day lawn care, doing landscape maintenance as well as evenly spreading fertiliser across fields. When purchasing a used tractor, one should take a careful look at the tyres' conditions, the general paintwork as well as how many hours have been clocked on the tractor. 

Combine Harvester — These are one of the most cost an labour saving inventions to date. Combine harvesters are used to efficiently harvest grain crops. This powerful agricultural machinery is quite expensive and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Used combine harvesters can also last for many years and can be purchased at a much cheaper price. Many used harvesters have had important components completely replaced with new ones. These can also be purchased at different finance options to allow the buyer to pay off the machine at a convenient pace. It is also important to check how many people have owned the harvester prior to the purchase. The best option is to purchase one that has had only one owner and the one with the lowest usage hours.

Sprayers — These are used to spray weed killers across crops. As well as other farm equipment, industrial sized sprayers can also be purchased at a cheaper price when buying used farm equipment.

The most important thing to note when purchasing any type of used farm equipment is that physical inspection is vital. Although all used equipment are listed online, physical inspections can often tell a different story. When physically inspecting, look out for signs of wear and tear on the tyres and machine components and ask lots of questions about how frequently the machine was used and repaired.