Vital Things to Understand Before Installing a Dog Fence

Many people in Australia love owning dogs as a pet. Having a furry friend can bring a lot of joy in your household. However, you will also have to offer the right care and maintenance of your pet. One crucial element about owning a dog is ensuring they get enough physical activity to expel all the excess energy. If you exercise your dog in the yard, then you will have to find a way to contain your pet. The best way to do this is by installing a perfect dog fence around your property. If you wish to put up dog fencing, keep these aspects in mind. 

The Pet Size

The size of your dog determines the type of fence you chose to install. If you have a small dog, then you will need to put up fences with small gaps. Big gaps can offer enough space for your puppy to escape. Also, the dog can sometimes get stuck and suffer injuries when trying to get through. The best way to avoid such incidences is by putting up a vinyl or aluminium fence between the pickets. Consider the size of your pet when putting up these additional pieces.  If your dog is big, your fence height is a key aspect to keep in mind. With a tall fence, your dog will not jump over.

The Regulations in Your Area

Another crucial aspect that influences the type of dog fencing you install is the regulations in your jurisdiction. For instance, there might be fencing height regulations in your area. That means the dog fencing you install will have to be within these height limits. Another regulation that determines the fencing you put up is the proximity to your property line. If you do not understand the fencing regulations in your jurisdiction, talk to your fencing experts. These professionals know all city fencing regulations.

Your Pet Skills

Dogs can learn a lot of tricks, depending on what you teach them. Also, these pets can learn various skills by themselves. It is common to find your pet can open doors in your home. Thus, it is also possible that they can open various fences. Therefore, ensure you choose the right gates if your animal is smart. You can choose child-safe gates that can keep your dog from escaping. 


Selecting the right dog fencing can help you keep your pet safe and add appeal to your property. If you are not sure which fencing to put up in your home, work with reputable fencing suppliers. These suppliers will ensure you end up with the right fencing options.