Scissor Lifts: How to Avoid Common Operational Mishaps

Scissor lifts are convenient for elevated access on construction sites. These pieces of equipment can raise both people and general loads. Moreover, when they are not extended, they are compact. This allows for convenient movement and storage on the site. However, you should note that proper operation is crucial for workplace safety. If the equipment is not utilised correctly, there will be risk of accident and injuries. Therefore, consider using these outlined tips to avoid scissor lifts mishaps on your worksite.

Choose the Right Lift

It is important to acquire the right equipment for your operations. If you do not choose the most suitable scissor lift, the risk of operational problems will be higher. Therefore, you should know the scope of your project in terms of aerial access. For instance, calculate the total weight that you will need to handle at any one point and the maximum height to be accessed. These details will be crucial in choosing the best unit for hire. If you are not certain about the best specifications, consult your equipment supplier.

Check for Hazards

You should make sure that the hazards on your worksite are managed properly. In simple terms, it is essential to identify the potential dangers which could affect the operation of the scissor lifts. Then, you should attempt to eliminate the problems or ensure that the risk posed is minimised. When assessing your site, you should look at the ground. Ideally, the equipment should not be placed on surfaces with slopes, holes or similar dangers. You should also be on the lookout for aerial dangers like power lines and tree branches.

Use Trained Operators

Numerous problems occur on construction sites because of amateur operation. If your scissor lift is used by a person without knowledge on proper function, the risk of accidents will be higher. Therefore, you should choose trained professionals when planning on working with an aerial lift. These workers should be familiar with the specific type of equipment being used on your site. You can also plan for safety training for all the onsite personnel to minimise careless behaviour.

Inspect and Maintain

Finally, you should plan on keeping the scissor lift in good condition during the project. Malfunctioning equipment could cause accidents and result in a decline in productivity. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the lift is inspected daily. Problems should be recorded and resolved immediately. You should also take note of the maintenance schedule for the lift. If the equipment will require servicing, you should consult your hire company. 

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