Installing a New Refrigeration System

Refrigeration has become something society really can't live without, and your business depends on being able to keep things at appropriate temperatures. When you remodel space for your business and install a refrigeration system, you want it to be as close to perfect as possible because these systems are large and difficult to modify once they're in. As you look over refrigerator models and look for the right spot at your facility, consider what's going to be around the refrigerated room.

How Will the Cooling Room Size Affect Access Around It?

A large industrial refrigerator is — obviously — going to take up space. It may take up more space than you realise, even if you measured before choosing a model. Adding this large fixture should not restrict access to any part of the room. You should be able to wheel carts past the refrigerator with ease, for example, without having to worry about the cart nearly scraping the sides of the fridge. Ventilation in the general area shouldn't be blocked, either, which is a risk if the industrial fridge is a cooling room that reaches the ceiling.

Look for Nearby Heat Sources

In a good industrial refrigerator, the walls, door and door seals should be adequate for keeping cold in and heat out. However, placing the refrigeration room right next to a major heat source (e.g., a fryer in a facility's cafeteria kitchen) can make the refrigerator function less efficiently. Every time you open the door, the air that enters the refrigerator will be hotter and take longer to cool back down. It's like opening the door to your home fridge on a hot summer's day; the interior temperature starts rising much faster than it would on a winter's day in a cooler kitchen. The effect may seem less pronounced on a huge industrial unit, but it is present and does add up.

Clearance for the Door

If you're dealing with tight spaces and think you've found the perfect refrigeration room given the space you have to work with, double-check the clearance around the door. When you open the door, you need adequate space not only directly in front of the refrigerator but also all along the arc as the door opens fully and comes to a stop against the refrigerator's front wall. No storage racks should be in the way, no other doors should be in the way, and so on. This sounds like such an obvious thing, but if your staff have gotten used to placing extra items in the space where the refrigerator will go, they could easily end up blocking the door.

A good refrigeration company will help you through each step and ensure the space you've chosen is more than adequate. With the right placement, the refrigeration system will both keep things cool and let you keep your cool. Contact a company that offers industrial refrigeration system installation services to learn more.