First-time Customers: General Guidelines for Hiring an Aluminium Scaffolding Tower

Scaffolding towers are an integral of many construction projects. You need them to reach heights that would not be navigable or accessible with ordinary ladders. Certainly, working with heights comes with a significant number of risks and using scaffolds is no different. There is the risk of falling over guardrails that have not been installed properly. The structure can also collapse and come tumbling down with workers on them. Additionally, worn out parts can break and fall on unsuspecting workers, causing injuries.

You need to pay attention to certain things when hiring an aluminium scaffold. The following is a comprehensive guideline you can use:

The Tower Must be Compliant

Construction safety authorities emphasise the safety of construction workers. Therefore, you must make sure that the scaffold meets the safety requirements instituted by the relevant authorities. It is easy to tell whether the equipment meets the equipment or not. First, the scaffold should have matching platforms and trapdoors for safe operation, entry and exit. Look out for equipment that has improvised or replacement platforms. For instance, if one of the platforms is made using wood while the rest is made of aluminium, then it is likely that the wooden platform is a replacement part. Refrain from hiring such a scaffold. You should also make sure that the scaffolding has a built-in access mechanism. Accessing the scaffold from the outside or using an external ladder will destabilise it and cause it to topple over.

Get the Right Personnel

Most scaffolds must be assembled on site.  When hiring, the best thing is to let the service provider do all the assembly work then your workers can take over and start using the platform. This will ensure that the assembly work is done by professionals who understand the set-up requirements of any aluminium scaffold that hire.

Follow the Usage Requirements

The danger in scaffolding towers lies in their use. Keep an eye on your workers and make sure that they follow the usage guidelines to the letter. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Workers should not use the tower without going through the manufacturer's manual.
  • Workers should not use a work platform at any level if it as no guardrails.
  • The tower should never be used without stabilisers.
  • Replace any worn out parts according to tee manufacturer's instructions in the manual.
  • The workers using the equipment must be under close supervision of a competent and qualified individual.