Purchase or compressor hire: which will best meet your compressed air needs?

Project requirements, dates and scopes are constantly changing, making it difficult for companies who are not financially stable to keep up with these change, especially when it comes to acquiring much needed equipment for projects.

To complete your project successfully, you must have the right equipment for the job, hence the increasing popularity of equipment hiring services, such as compressor hire and generator hire. As a growing business, it's only normal to ask yourself what would be the safest and most viable option between equipment hiring and purchase. Well, the truth is that there is no clear cut answer to this question. However, read on for information that is crucial in helping you find your own answer:

The benefits

As a small sized company, there are certain benefits you can obtain by opting to hire a compressor as opposed to buying one, such as:

Less capital expenditure: Compressor hire is a more viable option when you do not have the finances needed to purchase equipment. The initial costs of purchasing a compressor, air attachments and other tools that may be needed can be quite high, when compared to the cost of hiring these equipment for a specific period.

Less logistics: The logistics of compressor hire are quite minimal when compared to those of purchase. For instance, the maintenance and service of the equipment and the related costs, is the responsibility of your air compressor provider. On the other hand, you will have to bear all these costs if you decided to buy the compressor.

Quick deployment: Another benefit of compressor hire is that you will have the compressor and other necessary equipment, immediately you need them. On the other hand, if you decided to buy, you would have to do research of all models and types of compressors and find financing (if lacking), before purchasing and setting up the machine. This might take some time, and thus delay your project timeline.

Access to a variety of equipment: There are various types of compressors in the market such as the diesel and electric air compressors. These have their various advantages and disadvantages, and you might not want to find out a machine's shortcomings when you have already bought it. Hiring gives you access to a variety thus can sample each, before making a decision to purchase the most suitable for your compressed air needs.

Whether you decide to purchase or hire an air compressor, will largely depend on your company's finances and your project's needs.