Choose the right pallet to ensure safe delivery of your goods

If you are shipping products, components or even your household goods across the country, you will probably choose to use a pallet. Pallets are the most efficient way to transport bulky items around the country, or even across the world. The regular shape of the pallet allows easy stacking of multiple pallets without any wasted space, and the pallet itself will let you keep together lots of smaller items that might otherwise be lost in transit.

Arranging your pallet delivery

When you talk to your chosen transport company to arrange the pallet delivery, it is worth asking what vehicle will be used when the pallets are delivered and collected. Most pallet collections take place on large trucks, so if you are concerned about access to your premises, it is important to find out how much space will be required and whether you will need to request a smaller vehicle.

Another thing that you will want to consider is how the loaded pallet will be moved onto the truck. Quite often, a forklift is the easiest way to transport pallets. If you don't have a forklift available, then ask the pallet delivery company if they can supply a truck with a tail-lift, or you could ensure that you have sufficient manpower on-site to load the pallet manually.

Which pallet suits your needs?

The whole point of a pallet is that it keeps your items safe and ensures that they reach their final destination without incident. When discussing pallet delivery, you must choose a pallet that is strong enough to carry the full load of your delivery without a problem. You should also check that your chosen pallet is in full compliance with the ISPM15 international standards for solid wood packaging. If you make the mistake of employing a pallet that doesn't meet ISPM15, it is possible that your pallet will be delayed or rejected when it is inspected.

Preparing your pallet for collection

When it is time for your pallet to be collected, it is important to have the pallet ready in good time. Read the delivery conditions in advance so that you know what is expected from you, and have everything ready when the truck arrives. You must pack the pallet carefully and cover the loaded pallet with wrapping to ensure that the pallet remains stable while it is being transported.

Carefully selecting your pallet and packing it correctly is the right way to ensure your items arrive at their destination without a problem.