3 Considerations When Planning Car Lifts For Your New Building Construction

With an ever-increasing population and growing number of cars on the streets, parking has become a real nightmare for most people. If you're constructing a residential building, you'll likely need to accommodate for a car park or two per apartment based on specific requirements. With limited parking space available, car lifts can be a huge asset. Here are some considerations when planning car lifts for your new building construction.

Make Sure You Choose A Higher Capacity Lift

Car lifts come in different capacities, so you'll naturally want to choose higher capacity ones because you won't know the kind of cars residents own beforehand. A higher capacity car lift also ensures minimal accidents, and will be safer and more reliable in the long run. This allows residents to choose any apartment in your building without worrying about parking and weight restrictions based on the vehicle they drive. You'll also want to consider height capacities to ensure that there is enough space between the car lift and ceiling when it is elevated with a parked vehicle inside. For example, SUV's require more floor-to-ceiling height space than sedans and hatchbacks.

Plan For Optimal Traffic Flow When Car Lifts Are In Operation

If your building is being developed on a busy road, then you naturally don't want cars queuing up for the car lifts outside. You will need to plan for optimal traffic flow within your building as car lifts spring into action. For example, a queuing lane inside your building will enable cars to park on the lifts seamlessly without causing a commotion on busy roadways outside. You will need to consider the entryway and exit from the car lift carefully to prevent any traffic jams inside the parking lot. Separate entrances and exits usually work best to optimise traffic flow.

Ensure Easy Car Lift Operation For Residents

One of the easiest ways to waste time when parking is to design a complex system that is difficult for residents to understand. You can eliminate this problem by ensuring that the car lifts are easy for residents to operate when parking their cars, eliminating the need for external assistance. To minimise the chance of frequent breakdowns, make sure you properly train residents to use these car elevators when they buy properties in your newly constructed building.

Car elevators are perfect when you're looking to optimise parking in a small space, allowing you to increase the amount of living space available by making the most of your building construction.