In-House Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Versus Outsourcing

If you use hydraulic equipment for your business, you will occasionally need to do some cylinder honing. You have two main choices: You can outsource the work or you can handle it in your own shop. There are pros and cons to both options. Here are some of the main elements you need to consider.

Benefits of In-House Cylinder Honing

  • Save Time Related Outsourcing: When you handle your own hydraulic cylinder honing, you have to devote time to the work, but you save time related to outsourcing. You no longer have to pay your administrative staff to make calls, put in orders or pick up honed cylinders from another company.
  • Handle Jobs Faster: With in-house cylinder honing, you don't face the delays associated with outsourcing. If a cylinder is damaged or needs honing for other reasons, your staff can easily move it from the work area to the repair area, and you can get it back into service quickly.
  • Ability to Oversee Quality: Finally, you get to oversee the quality. If you see issues in the honing process, you can change and adjust as needed.

Benefits of Outsourcing Cylinder Honing

  • Save Money and Space on Equipment: If you handle hydraulic cylinder honing in-house, you have to spend money on the equipment, but you also have to find space for the equipment. Most honing machines have a large bed that you need to accommodate plus a swinging arm that needs room to move. Beyond that, you need space for the repair people to work around the equipment.
  • Rely on Experts: When you outsource your hydraulic cylinder honing needs, you get to benefit from the staff of the company you select. You don't have to worry about finding, screening or training workers. You also get to benefit from the expertise of the staff at the cylinder honing company. They know how to do the honing, but beyond that, they know which cylinders can be salvaged, when to hone the ports and other specifics.
  • Help With Ancillary Supplies: In a lot of cases, when you hone a cylinder, you change its diameter, and because of that, your system may need new pistons, new tubes, new seals or other new components. When you hire a company to do your cylinder honing for you, you also have the ability to outsource these needs as well. You don't have to worry about finding the time, staff or equipment to deal with these little odds and ends either.