3 Services That Your HVAC Technician Must Provide

For facility managers (FM), keeping an air-conditioning system efficient is a critical part of the job since it helps to bring down the cost of running the facility. Australian businesses are spending thousands of dollars on energy costs. As a facility manager, hiring a qualified technician is one way of ensuring that an HVAC system functions efficiently. However, a technician should be able to execute some fundamental roles to achieve operational efficiency of the HVAC system. This article highlights three critical services that an HVAC technician must offer.

Measurement and Verification – Measuring and verifying energy consumption of a facility is vital in keeping air conditioning energy efficient. Different areas of a building will have different energy consumption levels; therefore, accuracy in readings is essential. Carrying out checks on an HVAC system without taking measurements defeats the purpose of cost cutting. Before you settle on an HVAC technician, ensure that they measure facility energy consumption levels. For instance, if a facility uses a single metre to take measurements, then data taken is prone to inaccuracies due to lack of verification. A technician that measures energy consumption levels gets accurate measurements for entire facilities. Consequently, they can propose changes based on readings gathered.

Emergency Service – Air conditioning systems do not typically give a warning when they're failing. As a facility manager, you need a technician that is on call 24/7. However, it is not uncommon to find HVAC technicians that offer service during official business hours only. If they have to do a job outside working hours, then they charge an extra fee. Therefore, it is critical to ask whether a technician works on an emergency basis and to learn what their rates are. You should look for professionals that do not charge a fee for responding to client calls at odd hours.

Insulation Checks – The insulation within a facility is very much part of an HVAC system; therefore, any issues with the insulation will affect the unit's performance. For instance, if there is a leak in the insulation, then the efficiency of an air conditioning unit will be affected. If you hire a technician who repairs HVAC systems but ignores the insulation, then you need to let them go. Choose a professional technician who will, in addition to restoring the unit, carry out thorough checks on the insulation and tell you what sections required fixing. Many technicians do not charge for performing insulation checks.

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