3 Considerations to Help you Choose the Right Water Storage Tank for your Business

Large water tanks are a necessity, especially for industries where the commodity is an essential raw material—for instance, the leather business. The reason is that the cost of water is at an all-time high coupled with the fact that is it fast becoming scarce. Therefore, it makes sense for businesses to seek cheaper sources of water and using large water tanks for storage purposes. However, merely choosing a container, buying it, placing it somewhere in the compound and hoping to collect water efficiently will not work. You need to consider several factors before purchasing a water storage tank. This article highlights some of the most critical considerations.

Source of Water -- Ideally, you can use alternative sources of water for your storage tank. If you know your firm's primary source of water, then it is easy to settle on a particular storage tank design that will meet your needs. For example, if rain is the primary source of water, then it is critical for a tank's opening to be lower than the roof line. Such a design helps to direct rainwater from gutters and roofs into the tank efficiently. If the storage tank opening is higher than the roof lines, you will have to incorporate a smaller tank and a pump at a cost. If you are sourcing water from a river, then it is advisable to choose a tank that has a filtration system to keep sediment at bay. The bottom line is that your source of water determines the type and design of storage tank.

Installation Point -- Most businesses install storage tanks on the highest point in the compound, and rightly so. High points allow the downward flow of water without necessarily using a pump since gravitational force performs that role. If the highest point on the property is close to the consumption area, then you are in luck, as installation would be less expensive. However, if the highest point is far away from the business location, then it would be costly to lay water pipes all the way down.  An alternative to such a situation is to build a water tower for the storage tank.

Room for Growth – As a business owner, your objective is to grow the company to unprecedented heights; therefore, planning for future growth is the best strategy. There is every need to consider business growth when choosing a water storage tank. Today, modular tank designs allow for easy expansion of existing water storage solutions. Such flexibility is cost-effective, since you do not need to build a new tank whenever business requirements scale up.

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